The Theory of Everything: The Quest to Explain All Reality

- He was trying to find an equation that explained all physical reality-a theory of everything. At the end of his career, Albert Einstein was pursuing a dream far more ambitious than the theory of relativity. Lincoln explains in fascinating and accessible detail. Don lincoln of the fermi national accelerator Laboratory takes you on this exciting journey in The Theory of Everything: The Quest to Explain All Reality.

Their resulting equations are the masterpieces of physics, which Dr. Experimental physicist and award-winning educator Dr. You trace the dream of a theory of everything through Newton, Einstein, Feynman, Gell-Mann, charting their progress toward an all-embracing, Weinberg, Schrödinger, Bohr, Maxwell, and other great physicists, unifying theory.

The Theory of Everything: The Quest to Explain All Reality - . He failed, but others have taken up the challenge in a remarkable quest that is shedding light on unsuspected secrets of the cosmos. Studying them is like touring a museum of great works of art-works that are progressing toward an ultimate, as-yet-unfinished masterpiece. Suitable for the intellectually curious at all levels and assuming no background beyond basic high-school math, these 24 half-hour lectures cover recent developments at the forefront of particle physics and cosmology, while delving into the history of the centuries-long search for this holy grail of science.

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Nuclear Physics Explained

The Great Courses - Dr. Weinstein describes how nuclear bombs are made; the different designs for nuclear reactors and why those at Three Mile Island, Chernobyl, and Fukushima failed catastrophically; how cancer radiation treatments work; the principles behind the host of medical imaging tools from CT to PET to MRI; and uses of radiation for age-dating and fraud detection.

Above all, protons, quarks, you delve into the workings of the atomic nucleus, gluons, radioactivity, exploring neutrons, and all major forms of radiation. How worried should you be? nuclear physics Explained teaches you the basics of nuclear physics and puts your mind at ease about most sources of radiation, while alerting you to what is truly risky.

Nuclear radiation is everywhere-raining down on you from space, penetrating your body from the Sun, zapping you in medical tests, bombarding you from the food you eat and air you breathe, and pelting you from consumer products. You'll find that this notoriously complex subject is far more accessible and intriguing than you ever dreamed.

Nuclear Physics Explained - In 24 fast-paced, half-hour lectures, and latest advances in the field, hazards, history, award-winning Professor Lawrence Weinstein of Old Dominion University explains the science, applications, while also taking you inside the Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility to show off the awe-inspiring machines that he uses in his research.

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Dark Matter, Dark Energy: The Dark Side of the Universe

The Great Courses - Immerse yourself in the study of these mysterious phenomena in 24 lectures taught by an award-winning theoretical physicist with a gift for explaining difficult concepts in an engaging and easy-to-grasp way. On your way, you'll study the motion of the stars in galaxies and galaxies within clusters; see the echoes of the big bang; witness exploding stars; and explore the geometry of space.

. Investigate the development of our universe, explore the standard model of particle physics, and come to understand how dark matter and dark energy fit into the big picture. Or causing space itself to fly apart. Whether you're a scientist, or just a space enthusiast, a student, your view of the universe will be forever changed.

Dark Matter, Dark Energy: The Dark Side of the Universe - Dark matter and dark energy are two of the most exciting subjects in astronomy and particle physics. Dark matter, dark energy provides you with a comprehensive look at these two mysterious phenomena - and their startling implications for our understanding of the universe. Gain an understanding of the key concepts of the revolutionary view of an expanding universe, concepts which have brought us - for the first time in history - to the brink of knowing what the universe is made of.

Did you know that everything we can see - even with our most powerful instruments - is only five percent of what we know exists? The other 95 percent of the cosmos is invisible to us, and yet it's there, holding galaxies and galaxy clusters together.

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Physics and Our Universe: How It All Works

The Great Courses - These lessons are intensively illustrated with diagrams, animations, and other engaging visual aids and introduce you Newtonian mechanics, oscillations and waves, electricity and magnetism, graphs, quantum theory, optics, thermodynamics, and more. It explains how the universe works! All you need to begin exploring physics is a grasp of high-school algebra.

Physics is the fundamental science.

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Radio Astronomy: Observing the Invisible Universe

- That includes the technique of very long Baseline Interferometry, with multiple telescopes located thousands of miles apart, all functioning together as one single radio telescope the size of the Earth. Now we know the chemistry of the entire Milky Way is organic, like that of our home planet, and it is likely that any extraterrestrial life would be related to us on the molecular level.

We have always labeled these molecules "organic" because life on Earth is carbon based. You'll learn how astronomers used radio energy, giant molecular clouds, pulsars, neutron stars, dark matter, Sagittarius A and the black hole at the center of the Milky Way, to discover Jupiter's radiation belts, some emitted from hydrogen and other atoms, and complex organic molecules in interstellar space.

Radio Astronomy: Observing the Invisible Universe - Lockman, Ph. D. Of the green Bank Observatory as your guide. But they're certainly working on it. Radio astronomy: observing the Invisible Universe takes you on a thrilling journey through astounding discoveries with Felix J. For a few hundred thousand years, we used our eyes as our primary astronomical tool. Learn about the principles of radio telescopes - collecting, focusing, amplifying, and analyzing radio waves - and take a virtual tour of the world's most enormous radio telescopes.

Perhaps the most astounding of all radio astronomy discoveries is this: The dominant molecular structures in interstellar space are based on carbon.

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Mind-Bending Math: Riddles and Paradoxes

The Great Courses - Stretching your mind to try to solve a good puzzle, even when the answer eludes you, can help improve your ability to focus. This mesmerizing course will have you contemplating everything from the enthralling paradox of paradoxes to the potential pitfalls when it comes to buying apples - using basic logic and math principles as the fundamental connector to solve exciting, mind-bending mysteries.

He infuses each lesson with fun tangents, stories, and real-life riddles, making this one of the most intriguing and entertaining math courses available. In addition, it's well known that brain exercises are as fundamental to staying sharp as body exercises are to staying fit. From ancient greek philosophers to noodling through an unusual enigma involving spaghetti, you'll cover a wide range of amazing - and in some cases history-changing - conundrums.

Mind-Bending Math: Riddles and Paradoxes - You'll learn how to break down, examine, and solve these famous quandaries. Now, you'll explore the ageless riddles that have plagued even our greatest thinkers in history - confounding the philosophical, in the 24 lectures of Mind-Bending Math: Riddles and Paradoxes, mathematical, and scientific minds grappling to solve them.

When it comes to delving into topics such as bending space and time, you need a knowledgeable and captivating instructor, and topological universes, which you get in abundance with award-winning professor of mathematics David Kung. Examined in the halls of academia and scrutinized by scholars, students, and amateurs alike, these riddles and paradoxes have brought frustration and joy to those seeking intellectual challenges.

Great math riddles and paradoxes have a long and illustrious history, serving as both tests and games for intellectual thinkers across the globe.

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Archaeology: An Introduction to the World's Greatest Sites

The Great Courses - What, do archaeologists do? what takes place on an archaeological dig? And how does the reality of the work differ from what we see in Indiana Jones movies? Archaeology: An Introduction to the World's Greatest Sites, exactly, taught by renowned archaeologist and National Geographic Explorer Eric H. Prepare yourself for a vivid and detailed exploration of archaeology's most magnificent discoveries in the company of an expert archaeologist with decades of experience in the field.

Manufacturer's warranty only when purchased from The Great Courses". The work of archaeologists has commanded worldwide attention and captivated the human imagination since the earliest days of exploration, with groundbreaking discoveries such as the treasures of ancient Egypt, the lost kingdoms of the Maya, and the fabled city of Troy.

These 24 thrilling lectures, produced in partnership with national Geographic, introduces you to over 20 of the most significant and enthralling archaeological sites on the planet, science, providing both in-depth looks at the sites themselves and an insider's view of the history, and technology of archaeology.

Archaeology: An Introduction to the World's Greatest Sites - . Despite the fascinating and often romantic appeal of archaeology, many of us have little idea of what the field actually involves. Archaeology brings us face-to-face with our distant ancestors, with treasures of the past, and with life as it was lived in long-ago civilizations. Cline, answers these questions and more in rich and provocative detail.

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Cosmology: The History and Nature of Our Universe

The Teaching Company - This detailed and accessible course, presented by award-winning Professor Mark Whittle of the University of Virginia, incorporates more than 1, 700 stunning illustrations. The perfect time to learn cosmology an expert on the dynamics of supermassive black holes at the cores of galaxies, understandable, Professor Whittle is an astronomer with a gift for making his subject vivid, and awe inspiring.

Manufacturer's warranty only when purchased from The Great Courses. The cosmic microwave background is just one of the many clues about the history and nature of our universe that make the science of cosmology a wondrous, fascinating, and philosophically profound field of study. Cosmology: the history and nature of our universe introduces you to the biggest story of all in 36 half-hour lectures that cover the origin, evolution, composition, and probable fate of our universe.

For example, he asks you to imagine yourself as a stupendous giant making billion-light-year strides through the cosmos, in explaining the vastness of the universe, hour after hour. Right now is the perfect time to learn cosmology, since researchers have just completed the work on more than a decade of breathtaking discoveries.

Cosmology: The History and Nature of Our Universe - Manufacturer's warranty only when purchased from The Great Courses". Even at this ultra-warp-drive pace, you would always find yourself in the middle of a uniform mist of galaxies with no end in sight. Professor whittle notes that we are the first generation ever to know in detail just how the universe came to be.

Evidence for the birth of the universe is raining down on you.

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The Power of Mathematical Visualization

The Great Courses - Manufacturer's warranty only when purchased from The Great Courses. But just as there are multiple paths to mastering the arts and humanities, there are also alternate approaches to understanding mathematics. Many people believe they simply aren't good at math-that their brains aren't wired to think mathematically.

If a picture speaks a thousand words, then in mathematics a picture can spawn a thousand ideas. Manufacturer's warranty only when purchased from The Great Courses". One of the most effective methods by far is visualization.

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Brain Myths Exploded: Lessons from Neuroscience

- Viskontas doesn't just settle for obliterating these and other myths. Much of the layperson's knowledge of the brain is predicated on a lack of understanding about this mysterious organ. Instead, she replaces them with scientific facts gathered from experiments, research, and case studies. To start building a more straightforward, accurate understanding of current breakthroughs in neuroscience, you have to start by shattering popular brain myths.

Our senses reflect the world as it really exists. Whatever order you enjoy these lectures in, you'll be left with insights that will help you better determine the hard scientific truths behind the breaking news and myths of tomorrow. Dr. Each of these 24 lectures takes as its focus a single powerful, neuroplasticity, memory, consciousness, emotions, dreams, and uses it as a launch pad from which to explore myriad topics in neuroscience: decision making, prevalent brain myth, mental illness, and much more.

Brain Myths Exploded: Lessons from Neuroscience - Manufacturer's warranty only when purchased from The Great Courses. We are only using 10% of our total brain power. Manufacturer's warranty only when purchased from The Great Courses". Modern technology including social media is making us less intelligent. Our memory is an accurate, objective record of the past.

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The Celtic World

The Great Courses - Professor paxton's engaging, often humorous delivery blends perfectly with the facts about the Celts to uncover surprising historical revelations. This series of 24 enlightening lectures explains the traditional historical view of who the Celts were, then contrasts it with brand-new evidence from DNA analysis and archeology that totally changes our perspective on where the Celts came from.

The ancient celts are very much alive in the literary and artistic traditions that their descendants have both preserved and very deliberately revived. In the celtic world, whose art, language, discover the incredible story of the Celtic-speaking peoples, and culture once spread from Ireland to Austria.

The Celtic World - Come along for a ride through history to discover your inner Celt. All facets of celtic life, are addressed by Professor Paxton, past and present, who demonstrates a masterful knowledge and carefully separates fact from myth at every turn. European history and culture have been profoundly affected by the Celts, from the myth of King Arthur to the very map of the United Kingdom, where the English confronted the peoples of the "Celtic Fringe.

With a wealth of historical expertise, director of the university honors program and Clinical Assistant Professor of History at The Catholic University of America, Professor Jennifer Paxton, guides you through each topic related to Celtic history with approachability and ease as you unearth what we once thought it meant-and what it may actually mean-to be Celtic.

Following the surge of interest and pride in Celtic identity since the 19th century, much of what we thought we knew about the Celts has been radically transformed. Manufacturer's warranty only when purchased from The Great Courses".

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