Texas Gardener

Texas Gardener - Our experienced and knowledgeable cadre of gardening experts and writers will help you garden more successfully under our tough Texas conditions. We cover vegetable, fruit, flower, herbs and landscaping with an emphasis on using native and adapted plants and proven organic techniques and products that are both effective and good for the environment.

Texas gardener is a bimonthly six times a year magazine that provides practical, how-to information on all aspects of gardening in the Lone Star State.

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Texas Parks & Wildlife

Texas Parks & Wildlife - Texas parks & wildlife uses words and images to inspire and educate readers and encourage understanding, enjoyment and conservation of Texas' natural and cultural resources.

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Texas Highways

Texas Highways Magazine - Goal is to educate and to entertain, to encourage recreational travel to and within the state and to tell the Texas story to readers around the world. Interprets scenic, cultural, recreational, historical, and ethnic treasures of the state of Texas.

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Texas Monthly

Texas Monthly - Texas monthly has chronicled life in contemporary Texas, the environment, industry, reporting on vital issues such as politics, and education. As a leisure guide, travel, the arts, restaurants, covering music, TEXAS MONTHLY continues to be the indispensable authority on the Texas scene, museums, and cultural events with its insightful recommendations.

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Mother Earth News

Ogden Publications Inc - This is a country lifestyle service magazine focused on do-it-yourself living, personal achievement, outdoor recreation, thrift and the blending of the old-fashioned with modern ingenuity. Its articles cover equipment, tools, fishing, natural food and cooking products, home building and repair, gardening, health and home remedies, recycling, country lore and small scale farming.

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Texas Fruit & Vegetable Gardening: Plant, Grow, and Eat the Best Edibles for Texas Gardens Fruit & Vegetable Gardening Guides

Cool Springs Press - This book includes more than 60 fruits, vegetables and herbs suitable for the diverse growing conditions of Texas gardens. Cool Springs Press. Helpful charts and graphs assist gardeners in knowing when to plant and harvest. Texas fruit & vegetable gardening addresses the climate, soil, sun, and water conditions that affect growing success.

Each plant profile highlights planting, growing, watering, and care information.

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Country Gardens

Meredith - With expert advice, outdoor design ideas and more, Country Gardens has everything you need to create the perfect outdoor oasis. Create a backyard escape with Country Gardens' landscaping and design ideas. Cool Springs Press. Browse flower spotlights to find the best flowers for your environment as well as tips for keeping your flowers looking their best.

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Fine Gardening

Taunton Press - Hands-on advice, intriguing plants, information and inspiration on garden design, reliable techniques and practical landscaping projects. Cool Springs Press.

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Texas Home Landscaping, 3rd Edition, Includes Oklahoma! 48 Landscape Designs, 200+ Plants & Flowers Best Suited to the Region Creative Homeowner Nearly 400 Photos and Easy Step-by-Step Instructions

Creative Homeowner - Find inspiring ideas to make your texas or oklahoma home landscape more attractive and functional!48 beautiful designs created by landscape professionals specifically for TX & OKOver 200 plants picked for your region, and trellisesCreative solutions for front entries, and moreTexas Home Landscaping, 3rd Edition is an updated, arbors, expanded edition of Creative Homeowner's award-winning book on landscaping Texas-style!Inside, ponds, patios, walls, fences, foundation plantings, with detailed descriptions and all you need to know to plant & maintain themNearly 400 photos and illustrations to help envision your resultsStep-by-step instructions for building structures like paths, steep slopes, you'll find inspiring ideas for making your home landscape more attractive and functional.

Designs that work, great plants you can find, accurate instructions, and detailed drawings will help you succeed. Nancy beaubaire, former editor, Fine Gardening and Country Living Gardener Cool Springs Press. Nearly 400 full-color photos and paintings are complemented by easy, step-by-step instructions that take the uncertainty out of gardening.

Texas Home Landscaping, 3rd Edition, Includes Oklahoma! 48 Landscape Designs, 200+ Plants & Flowers Best Suited to the Region Creative Homeowner Nearly 400 Photos and Easy Step-by-Step Instructions - With texas home landscaping, both the lone star State and the Sooner State will be in full bloom!"This idea-filled book takes the guesswork out of landscaping so you can focus on the fun. The 48 featured designs are created by landscape professionals from the region and use more than 200 region-specific plants that thrive in Texas and Oklahoma.

Included are detailed instructions for projects such as paths, patios, concise information for gardening techniques, and arbors, ponds, and easy-to-follow plans.

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Texas Getting Started Garden Guide: Grow the Best Flowers, Shrubs, Trees, Vines & Groundcovers Garden Guides

Cool Springs Press - Used book in Good Condition. With gorgeous full-color photos of each plant, this book will increase the enjoyment and satisfaction of any gardener hoping to learn about—and master—the natural environment of Texas. Cool Springs Press. From flowers and grasses to trees and native plants, this step-by-step guide includes useful information for the novice and experienced gardener alike, geared exclusively toward the particular climatic concerns of Texans.

Have you ever wondered which plants and flowers to growin texas, and how to do it? The Texas Getting Started Garden Guide features region-specific advice on planting, growing, and caring for more than 150 of Texas’ top ornamental plants.

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Hobby Farms

Eg Media Investments Llc - Rural living diy tips maximizing your farm's profits Keeping your animals healthy Tales from other hobby farmers Cool Springs Press. Used book in Good Condition.

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