Mistress of Rome The Empress of Rome Book 1

Berkley - The first in an unforgettable historical saga from the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of The Alice Network. Now she has infuriated her mistress by capturing the attention of Rome’s newest and most savage gladiator—and though his love brings Thea the first happiness of her life, their affair ends quickly when a jealous Lepida tears them apart.

Remaking herself as a singer for Rome’s aristocrats, Thea unwittingly attracts another admirer: the charismatic Emperor of Rome. But the passions of an all-powerful man come with a heavy price, and Thea finds herself fighting for both her soul and her sanity. Many have tried to destroy the Emperor: a vengeful gladiator, an upright senator, a tormented soldier, a Vestal Virgin.

Mistress of Rome The Empress of Rome Book 1 - But in the end, the life of Domitian lies in the hands of one woman: the Emperor’s mistress. So gripping, your hands are glued to the book, and so vivid it burns itself into your mind’s eye and stays with you long after you turn the final page. Diana gabaldon, #1 new york times bestselling author  First-century Rome: A ruthless emperor watches over all—and fixes his gaze on one young woman.

. Thea is a slave girl from Judaea, purchased as a toy for the spiteful heiress Lepida Pollia.

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Daughters of Rome The Empress of Rome Book 2

Berkley - In the end, though, there can only be one Emperor. And one Empress. A fast-paced historical novel about two women with the power to sway an empire, from the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of The Alice Network and The Huntress. 69. Everything will change—especially the lives of two sisters with a very personal stake in the outcome.

The roman Empire is up for the taking. Elegant and ambitious, Cornelia embodies the essence of the perfect Roman wife. As cornelia tries to pick up the pieces of her shattered dreams, Marcella discovers a hidden talent for influencing the most powerful men in Rome. Her sister marcella is more aloof, content to witness history rather than make it.

Daughters of Rome The Empress of Rome Book 2 - But when a bloody coup turns their world upside-down, both women must maneuver carefully just to stay alive. A. D. She lives to one day see her loyal husband as Emperor.

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Empress of the Seven Hills The Empress of Rome Book 3

Berkley - Brash and headstrong, Vix is a celebrated ex-gladiator returned to Rome to make his fortune.  . But neither he nor his reign can last forever. And the aristocratic politician hadrian—who is both the Empress's ruthless protégé and Vix's mortal enemy—has ambitions he confesses to no one, ambitions rooted in a secret prophecy.

Trajan's ambitious Empress has her own plans for Sabina. When trajan falls, they all will be caught in a deadly whirlwind that may seal their fates, and that of the entire Roman Empire. A tale of love, power and intrigue from the usa today bestselling author of The Alice Network     Powerful, prosperous, and expanding ever farther into the untamed world, the Roman Empire has reached its peak under the rule of the beloved Emperor Trajan.

Empress of the Seven Hills The Empress of Rome Book 3 - The sinuous, elusive Sabina is a senator's daughter who craves adventure. But others are already maneuvering in the shadows. Sometimes lovers, sometimes enemies, Vix and Sabina are united by their devotion to Trajan.

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Lady of the Eternal City The Empress of Rome Book 4

Berkley - As tragedy sends hadrian spiraling into madness, Vix and Sabina form a last desperate pact to save the Empire. But sabina is guardian of a deadly secret: Vix’s beautiful son Antinous has become the Emperor’s latest obsession. She must keep the peace between two deadly enemies: her husband Hadrian, Rome’s brilliant and sinister Emperor; and battered warrior Vix, her first love.

From the new york times and usa today bestselling author of The Alice Network and The Huntress comes a combustible historical saga about obsession, betrayal, and destiny. Sabina may be empress of Rome, but she still stands poised on a knife’s edge. Empress and emperor, conspiracy, betrayal, father and son will spin in a deadly dance of passion, and war.

Lady of the Eternal City The Empress of Rome Book 4 - But ultimately, the fate of rome lies with an untried girl, a spirited redhead who may just be the next Lady of the Eternal City.

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The Serpent and the Pearl The Borgia Chronicles series Book 1

Berkley - A gripping novel about history’s most infamous family—The Borgias—and an innocent girl pulled into their treacherous rise to power, from the USA Today bestselling author of The Alice Network. Rome, 1492. But as corruption thickens in the Vatican and the enemies begin to circle, Giulia and her friends will need all their wits to survive in the world of the Borgias.

The holy city is drenched with blood and teeming with secrets. A pope lies dying and the throne of God is left vacant, a prize awarded only to the most virtuous—or the most ruthless. The borgia family begins its legendary rise, wealth, chronicled by an innocent girl who finds herself drawn into their dangerous web…Vivacious Giulia Farnese has floor-length golden hair and the world at her feet: beauty, and a handsome young husband.

The Serpent and the Pearl The Borgia Chronicles series Book 1 - But she is stunned to discover that her glittering marriage is a sham, and she is to be given as a concubine to the ruthless, charismatic Cardinal Borgia: Spaniard, sensualist, candidate for Pope—who is passionately in love with her. Two trusted companions will follow her into the Pope's shadowy harem: Leonello, and Carmelina, a cynical bodyguard bent on bloody revenge against a mysterious killer, a fiery cook with a past full of secrets.

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The Lion and the Rose The Borgia Chronicles series Book 2

Berkley - But as the shadows of murder and corruption rise through the Vatican, they must learn who to trust when every face wears a mask…. From the new york times bestselling author of the alice network and the huntress comes the continuing saga of the ruthless Borgia family that holds all of Rome in its grasp, and the three outsiders thrust into their twisted web of blood and deceit… As the cherished concubine of the Borgia Pope Alexander VI, Giulia Farnese has Rome at her feet.

Caught in the deadly world of the renaissance’s most notorious family, Leonello, Giulia, and Carmelina must decide if they will flee the dangerous dream of power. In need of trusted allies, leonello, and her fiery cook and confidante, Giulia turns to her sharp-tongued bodyguard, Carmelina. The holy city of rome is still under Alexander’s thrall, but enemies of the Borgias are starting to circle.

The Lion and the Rose The Borgia Chronicles series Book 2 - But after narrowly escaping a sinister captor, she realizes that the danger she faces is far from over—and now, it threatens from within.

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The Huntress: A Novel

William Morrow Paperbacks - But there is something disconcerting about the soft-spoken German widow. Certain that danger is lurking, jordan begins to delve into her new stepmother’s past—only to discover that there are mysteries buried deep in her family. When the nazis attack the soviet union, she risks everything to join the legendary Night Witches, an all-female night bomber regiment wreaking havoc on the invading Germans.

". Compulsively readable historical fiction…a powerful novel about unusual women facing sometimes insurmountable odds with grace, grit, love and tenacity. Kristin hannah, ” read “the huntress, the washington post named one of best books of the year by Marie Claire and Bookbub“If you enjoyed “The Tattooist of Auschwitz, ” by Kate Quinn.

The Huntress: A Novel - The washington postfrom the author of the new york times and usa today bestselling novel, comes another fascinating historical novel about a battle-haunted English journalist and a Russian female bomber pilot who join forces to track the Huntress, THE ALICE NETWORK, a Nazi war criminal gone to ground in America.

In the aftermath of war, the hunter becomes the hunted…Bold and fearless, Nina Markova always dreamed of flying. Yet one target eludes him: a vicious predator known as the Huntress. To find her, the fierce, disciplined investigator joins forces with the only witness to escape the Huntress alive: the brazen, cocksure Nina.

When she is stranded behind enemy lines, Nina becomes the prey of a lethal Nazi murderess known as the Huntress, and only Nina’s bravery and cunning will keep her alive.

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The Alice Network: A Novel

William Morrow Paperbacks - Until a young american barges in uttering a name Eve hasn't heard in decades, and launches them both on a mission to find the truth. No matter where it leads. Both funny and heartbreaking, this epic journey of two courageous women is an unforgettable tale of little-known wartime glory and sacrifice. Featuring an exclusive excerpt from kate quinn's next incredible historical novel, goodreads, and bookbub in an enthralling new historical novel from national bestselling author kate quinn, the huntress new york times & usa today bestseller#1 globe and mail historical fiction bestseLLEROne of NPR's Best Books of the Year!One of Bookbub's Biggest Historical Fiction Books of the Year!Reese Witherspoon Book Club Summer Reading Pick!The Girly Book Club Book of the Year!A Summer Book Pick from Good Housekeeping, Liz and Lisa, Library Journal, Parade, two women—a female spy recruited to the real-life Alice Network in France during World War I and an unconventional American socialite searching for her cousin in 1947—are brought together in a mesmerizing story of courage and redemption.

Sent into enemy-occupied france, the "queen of Spies", she's trained by the mesmerizing Lili, who manages a vast network of secret agents right under the enemy's nose. Thirty years later, haunted by the betrayal that ultimately tore apart the Alice Network, Eve spends her days drunk and secluded in her crumbling London house.

The Alice Network: A Novel - In the chaotic aftermath of World War II, American college girl Charlie St. Clair is pregnant, unmarried, and on the verge of being thrown out of her very proper family. So when charlie's parents banish her to europe to have her "little problem" taken care of, Charlie breaks free and heads to London, determined to find out what happened to the cousin she loves like a sister.

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A Song of War: a novel of Troy

Knight Media, LLC - In the shadow of troy's gates, all must be reborn in the greatest war of the ancient world: slaves and queens, heroes and cowards, seers and kings . And these are their stories. A young princess and an embittered prince join forces to prevent a fatal elopement. A tormented seeress challenges the gods themselves to save her city from the impending disaster.

A tragedy-haunted king battles private demons and envious rivals as the siege grinds on. A captured slave girl seizes the reins of her future as two mighty heroes meet in an epic duel. A grizzled archer and a desperate Amazon risk their lives to avenge their dead. A trickster conceives the greatest trick of all.

A Song of War: a novel of Troy - A goddess' son battles to save the spirit of Troy even as the walls are breached in fire and blood. Seven authors bring to life the epic tale of the Trojan War: its heroes, its villains, its survivors, its dead. Troy: city of gold, gatekeeper of the east, haven of the god-born and the lucky, a city destined to last a thousand years.

Who will lie forgotten in the embers, and who will rise to shape the bloody dawn of a new age? . But the fates have other plans—the Fates, and a woman named Helen.

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The Secret History: A Novel of Empress Theodora

Berkley - For one day this man will hand her a crown. Ever resilient, theodora rises above such trials and, by a twist of fate, meets her most passionate admirer yet: the emperor’s nephew. She thrives as his confidant and courtesan, but many challenges lie ahead. And all the empire will wonder—is she bold enough, shrewd enough, and strong enough to keep it? READERS GUIDE INCLUDED.

Determined to survive, theodora makes a living any way she can—first on her back with every man who will have her, then on the stage in a scandalous dramatization of her own invention. In sixth-century constantinople, one woman, theodora, defied every convention and all the odds and rose from common theater tart to empress of a great kingdom, the most powerful woman the Roman Empire would ever know.

The Secret History: A Novel of Empress Theodora - When her daring performance grants her a backdoor entry into the halls of power, she seizes the chance to win a wealthy protector—only to face heartbreak and betrayal. Where theodora went, trouble followed…. The woman whose image was later immortalized in glittering mosaic was a scrappy, clever, conniving, flesh-and-blood woman full of sensuality and spirit whose real story is as surprising as any ever told….

After her father dies suddenly, Theodora and her sisters face starvation and a life on the streets.

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A Day of Fire: a novel of Pompeii

Knight Media, LLC - And these are their stories:A boy loses his innocence in Pompeii's flourishing streets. An heiress dreads her wedding day, not knowing it will be swallowed by fire. An ex-legionary stakes his entire future on a gladiator bout destined never to be finished. A crippled senator welcomes death, until a tomboy on horseback comes to his rescue.

A young mother faces an impossible choice for her unborn child as the ash falls. A priestess and a whore seek redemption and resurrection as the town is buried. Six authors bring to life overlapping stories of patricians and slaves, warriors and politicians, villains and heroes who cross each others' path during Pompeii's fiery end.

A Day of Fire: a novel of Pompeii - Pompeii was a lively resort flourishing in the shadow of Mount Vesuvius at the height of the Roman Empire. When vesuvius erupted in an explosion of flame and ash, the entire town would be destroyed. Some of its citizens died in the chaos, some escaped the mountain's wrath. But who will escape, and who will be buried for eternity?

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